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The Firm

  • Victoria Capital Partners is managed by one of the most experienced private equity teams in South America.

  • Members of which have been working together for an average of more than 19 years and have helped pioneer private equity investing in the region beginning in 1995.

  • Victoria Capital Partners’ regional approach provides its investors with broad diversification by country and emphasizes relative value in different cycles across the region.

  • Victoria Capital Partners actively customizes and refines its strategy for each country according to the prevailing trends, opportunities and risks within the relevant market.

  • The Firm generally targets control, joint-control, and significant minority positions with active board participation, value-creation involvement and contractual governance tools.

  • The Firm is active in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Peru.

Global PE Alliance

Victoria Capital Partners is a member of Global PE Alliance.

The Global PE Alliance is an International network of 8 mid-market Private Equity firms, established in 2008. We are 300+ people across 25 countries sharing 1 culture. Together, we add more value to companies through sharing our investment and business-building expertise from the 300+ investments we’ve made to-date, during our 500+ years collectively in the business. To the businesses we invest in, we give unrivalled support for successful growth, particularly in supporting international expansion.