Corona and Cementos Molins

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January 6, 2016 On Sept. 2015 Corona signed an agreement with Cementos Molins ("CM",, a Spanish-based international player in cement with leading presence in Latam, to jointly develop the cement production and commercialization business in Colombia. The company and Victoria believe this is a great opportunity to enter into a new business line that is totally complementary to Corona's building materials portfolio. It also provides the opportunity to capitalize from its approx. 100 years' worth of limestone reserves (limestone serves as raw material for cement production), as well as from Corona's know-how for mining their limestone queries and their current vast distribution network in Colombia. This initiative will be executed via a 50%-50% JV with CM and includes the construction of a plant with a capacity of 1.4 million tons per year with a total investment of approx. USD 370 mm, located 160km northwest of Bogota [...]

Two Awards and the Same “CORONA”

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December 8 - 2015 The Corona Group Received the Environment Protection Award and its President, Carlos Enrique Moreno, the Best Business Leader Award. Carlos Enrique Moreno tends to use an image to define the role of a leader who wants to motivate the members of his team. He says that it is like flying a kite, sometimes you have to pull the line and sometimes you have to release it. And this is just one of the multiple phrases that he usually tells to his subordinates to translate into a common language his work philosophy. The other key aspect, which some of the members of the Corona Group under his responsibility highlight, is the work example and commitment that he shows. "He likes to encourage and help his people develop," states the vice-president of Corporate Affairs, Ana María Delgado, who describes him as a person [...]

Corona among the Top Companies with the Best Corporate Reputation in Merco 2015

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October 26, 2015 Corona among the Top Companies with the Best Corporate Reputation in According to the last assessment of the study Merco Empresas, Corona was qualified by entrepreneurs, journalists, labor unions and consumers as one of the companies with the best reputation in Colombia. Bogota, October 2015- In the 2015 Merco Empresas Colombia ranking, published by the monitor, Corona occupied the eleventh place among the top 100 companies with the best reputation, climbing up one place with respect to the study conducted in 2014. Likewise, it ranked first in the Industrial Sector. Merco is a world-wide reference which allows to evaluate the reputation of companies. This ranking is prepared annually based on a rigorous poll with the participation of high-level entrepreneurs, financial analysts, NGOs, labor unions, consumer associations and economics journalists. Accordingly, at the moment of evaluating companies, the monitor considers variables such as the quality [...]

Organización Corona and Victoria Capital Partners enter into a strategic alliance to jointly accelerate development of Corona’s industrial business units

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February 13, 2014 Organización Corona and Victoria Capital Partners announced they have entered into a strategic alliance under which Victoria Capital Partners will acquire a significant stake of the industrial business units of Organización Corona. These business units include Colcerámica, Sumicol, Corlanc, Nexentia, Locería Colombiana, Gamma and Almacenes Corona in Colombia; Mansfield, Corona Hotelware Corporation and Gamma Insulators in the USA; Incesa in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador; Corona´s stake in Compañía Suramérica de Cerámica de Brazil; the representative office in China and the commercial office in Mexico, among others This alliance will facilitate accelerating the growth and development of the different industrial businesses units of Organización Corona, not only in Colombia but also in other South American countries, positioning it as a solid multinational company. “We are very pleased that we have entered into this alliance. Victoria has an extensive and successful business [...]

Victoria acompañará expansión de Corona

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January 17 - 2014 Con el fin de continuar con la expansión de su negocio industrial en Colombia y en otros mercados de la región, la Organización Corona firmó ayer un acuerdo en el que la firma Victoria Capital Partners adquirirá una participación minoritaria en la multilatina. Entre las filiales que entraron en el trato hay algunas en Colombia, Estados Unidos, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Brasil, China y México. La alianza se hizo con la asesoría exclusiva de Rothschild para Corona en la transacción. Según el presidente de la Organización Corona, Carlos Enrique Moreno, la alianza tiene un gran potencial de crecimiento para las dos partes. "Estamos muy contentos de haber logrado cerrar esta alianza. Victoria tiene una amplia y exitosa experiencia de negocios en diversos países y sectores y estamos seguros de que su trayectoria será de gran valor y aporte [...]

Victoria, el nuevo socio de Corona

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January 16 - 2014 Después de más de un siglo de mantener la totalidad del negocio en familia, la Organización Corona decidió aliarse con un socio estratégico para el segmento industrial de la compañía. La firma Victoria Capital Partners tendrá ahora asiento en la junta directiva de una de las empresas más grandes de Colombia. De acuerdo con el comunicado emitido por la organización, la alianza le dará participación al grupo Victoria en los negocios de Colcerámica, Sumicol, Nexentia, Erecos, Locería Colombiana, Gamma y Almacenes Corona. También tendrá su porcentaje en la participación de Corona en Corlanc y Minerales Industriales, en Colombia; Mansfield, Corona Hotelware Corporation y Gamma Insulators, en Estados Unidos, e Incesa, en Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua y El Salvador. Además, tendrá una cuota en la participación de Corona en Compañia Suramérica de Cerámica de Brasil, la oficina de representación comercial en [...]