Under pressure

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December - 2017 By Marine Cole. CFOs of lower mid-market private equity firms are facing mounting demands on the back and middle office, but finding the right release valve for fund administration duties is not always so simple. Private equity chief financial is a role that seems be constantly expanding, with an egrowings list of fund administration responsibilities falling in its purview – from tax and portfolio reporting to responding to LP demands. They can no longer handle all these tasks on their own and need to choose between hiring internally or outsourcing specific functions. pfm gathered two CFOs and two fund administrators in New York in October to discuss how a CFO can address private equity fund administration in 2017. “The CFO role has evolved immensely from when I started talking to CFOs in the community 15 years ago,” says Jeff Gendel, a managing [...]

Corona toma el 51 % de la propiedad de Agromil

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October 20 - 2017  La Organización Corona, a través de su filial Suministros de Colombia (Sumicol), adquirió el control de Agromil una empresa tolimense del sector agroindustrial dedicada a la producción de fertilizantes. En un comunicado, Alexis Bonnett, vicepresidente de la División de Insumos Industriales y Energía de Corona, señaló que “Agromil es una empresa líder en el desarrollo de productos para la fertilización avanzada de cultivos y en Corona nos entusiasma poder poner a su servicio nuestro conocimiento de minerales no metálicos en beneficio del sector agroindustrial”. Sin revelar el monto de la transacción, ni los planes inmediatos para integrar a Agromil al conglomerado empresarial, se indicó que desde hace más de una década esta firma produce y comercializa productos a base de derivados del potasio, principalmente. Aunque este diario intentó contactar telefónicamente a los directivos de Agromil, sus subalternos negaron que la operación se [...]

Corona acquires controlling interest in the operations of Agromil

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October 19 - 2017 Bogota, October 19, 2017. Corona, a Colombian multinational specialized in manufacturing and marketing household, construction, industrial and energy products, through its affiliate Sumicol, acquired 51% of Agromil, a Colombian company dedicated to the production and marketing of mineral-based products for the agroindustry sector, having met the applicable legal requirements. “Agromil is a leading company in the development of products for the advanced fertilization of crops and in Corona we look forward to put at its disposal our knowledge about nonmetallic minerals in favor of the agroindustry sector”. Said Alexis Bonnett, Vice-president of Corona’s Industrial Supplies and Energy Division. Since more than one decade ago, Agromil has been producing and marketing mineral-based products for clients of the agroindustry sector which allow them ton achieve higher profitability and productivity levels in their crops and generate jobs within a sustainable environment. “We are very happy with [...]

The Latin American private equity & venture capital association welcomes new chair

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Record Number of Member Firms Become Active in Association in 2017 New York, September 25, 2017 –The Latin American Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (LAVCA) today announced the election of Carlos Garcia, Managing Partner of Victoria Capital Partners who has been on the LAVCA board for three years, to the position of Board Chairman. Garcia takes over for Patrice Etlin, Managing Partner of Advent International, who served as the Chairman of the Board since 2011 completing the maximum of two, three-year terms. Simultaneously, LAVCA membership reached a new record in 2017, with 190 member firms active within the organization, an increase of 50% from 125 in 2011. Members include qualified investors and industry professionals in the Latin American private capital community. “This transition comes at an important time in the evolution of LAVCA and the Latin American private capital industry,” said Cate Ambrose, President & Executive Director [...]

The 30 Colombian companies with the best goodwill

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September 24 - 2017 Goodwill began to be used as a financial and accounting term, equivalent to extra value or overprice, number of times the book value for which a corporation, a project, a brand or an idea could be sold. In Colombia, 2WAY is the goodwill consulting firm which classifies the companies depending on six pillars that they have established to determine how well positioned these are in the ranking designed by them. “In this sense and in order to be more objective and accurate, we designed an innovative scheme which breaks down the six great dimensions that make up this important asset: strength and trajectory, value proposition, talent and wellbeing, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability, innovation and leadership and ethics and transparency”, explained Jose Maria De Guzman, senior partner of 2WAY. “Each one of these dimensions represents one or more axes of [...]

Carlos Enrique Moreno continues as president of the Corona Organization and Jaime Alberto Angel takes on the presidency of Corona Industrial

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August 24 - 2017 After more than six years as the president of the Corona Organization and Corona Industrial, Carlos Enrique Moreno Mejia resigns from the latter and continues as President of the Corona Organization, parent company of Corona Industrial and Sodimac Colombia and owner of its share in Falabella de Colombia and Banco Falabella. - Following a structured process of succession inside Corona Industrial, its Board of Directors has decided to appoint as the new President of the company, effective from October, Jaime Alberto Angel Mejia, current Vice-president of the Industrial Supplies and Energy Division of Corona Industrial. - the performance report of Carlos Enrique Moreno includes the expansion and diversification of the company, an important commitment to the productive transformation of the operations, the development of human talent, the consolidation of a culture of innovation in processes and products, working for the protection of the [...]

Corona divides leadership to respond to the challenges of its industry

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August 24 - 2017 For six years, the Corona Organization, one of the most important conglomerates of the country, had been planning a succession in the leadership of the division in charge of its iconic household and construction products. Yesterday they finally announced that Carlos Enrique Moreno will continue as President of the holding, but he won’t be the head of Corona Industrial anymore, where he will be succeeded by Jaime Alberto Angel from October. Corona Industrial is made up by four business divisions: bathrooms and kitchens; surfaces, materials and paints; industrial supplies and energy management; and the fourth one is tableware. But, there are also the Corona Stores and a commercial division. In this moment, they are investing 400 million dollars in a cement plant. The Corona Organization, for its part, is its parent company, as well as of Sodimac Colombia and it holds [...]

Victoria Capital Partners announces significant growth capital investment in Oncólogos del Occidente

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June 26 - 2017 V Victoria Capital Partners (“VCP”) announced today a significant growth capital investment in Oncólogos del Occidente (“ODO”), Colombia’s largest privately-held provider of comprehensive cancer treatment, acquiring a controlling stake in ODO. As part of the transaction, Victoria also made a capital injection in ODO that will be used to support and accelerate ODO’s continued growth in Colombia through the development of three new integrated cancer treatment centers. This capital injection will be used to strengthen the capital structure of the company and support its current growth plan, aiming at doubling its size over the next four years. Simultaneously, VCP acquired a block of additional shares from the ODO shareholders. As a result, Victoria will be ODO’s controlling shareholder, with the founders continuing as minority shareholders focused on serving patients. Specific terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Ricardo Vazquez, Partner of VCP in [...]

The new pharmaceutical bet of Omilton Visconde Jr.

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May 07 - 2017 Son of the founder of Biosintética laboratory, Omilton Visconde Junior is known in the pharmaceutical industry for his ability to make money by setting up or buying companies that, after expanding, are sold at high multiples. This rationale guides his new bet, Cellera Farma, which is born in partnership with fund Victoria Capital Partners and has a R$400 million investment plan in four years. In five or six years, when the annual revenue is around R$500 million, which would put Cellera in the group of medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, the goal is to sell the operation to a US or European laboratory that wants to enter the Brazilian market. Or allowing the exit of the private-equity fund, which now has an 85% stake bought through an IPO. This was the case with Biosintética, sold by Mr. Visconde Junior in 2005 to Aché [...]

La planta de cemento que tendrá Corona

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January 11 - 2017 La compañía, reconocida por el negocio de sanitarios, comenzó la edificación de su nuevo negocio, con el que espera atender la construcción de la infraestructura de cuarta generación o 4G. Jaime Ángel, gerente de Suministros de Colombia (Sumicol), empresa del Grupo Corona, la organización que tiene más de 14.000 empleados y 29 plantas –19 de ellas en Colombia, tres en Estados Unidos, tres en Centroamérica, tres en México y una en Bras il–, cuenta los detalles del inicio de la obra de la planta de cemento, el nuevo negocio, en la que se invertirán US$400 millones y con la que se planea elevar esos $6 billones en ingresos consolidados que obtiene el grupo empresarial. ¿Ya comenzó la construcción de la planta de cemento? Hicimos una alianza con el Grupo Mollins, de España, para entrar en el negocio del cemento en Colombia, [...]