Satus Ager signs a purchase agreement to acquire Tecnoseeds operations in Argentina and Brazil

2020-07-22T18:21:19-03:00 February 23rd, 2019|Sem categoria|

This Argentine seeds company already had additional operations in Mexico, Chile and Uruguay. Argentine company Satus Ager signed a sale and purchase agreement for the acquisition of Tecnoseeds in Argentina and Brazil. The entrance to the Brazilian market represents an important step in its regional expansion plans. Founded in 1996, Satus Ager, headquartered in Buenos Aires and with operations in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay, is the largest supplier of seeds production, processing and exports services in the Southern Hemisphere. In line with its corporate goal to increase the strategic partnership with its clients at a regional level, Satus Ager, with support from its partners Remington Seeds and Victoria Capital Partners, has recently signed an agreement to purchase Tecnoseeds operations in Argentina and Brazil. Thanks to this transaction, Satus Ager enters the Brazilian market, expanding its regional presence to provide additional seed services. Satus Ager provides services [...]