Two Awards and the Same “CORONA”


December 8 – 2015

The Corona Group Received the Environment Protection Award and its President, Carlos Enrique Moreno, the Best Business Leader Award.

Carlos Enrique Moreno tends to use an image to define the role of a leader who wants to motivate the members of his team. He says that it is like flying a kite, sometimes you have to pull the line and sometimes you have to release it.

And this is just one of the multiple phrases that he usually tells to his subordinates to translate into a common language his work philosophy. The other key aspect, which some of the members of the Corona Group under his responsibility highlight, is the work example and commitment that he shows.

“He likes to encourage and help his people develop,” states the vice-president of Corporate Affairs, Ana María Delgado, who describes him as a person with very rooted values, really proud of his home and family; “very hard-working, early riser and very studious of the issues in which he is interested”

Actually, he is a great reader and a lover of specialized magazines such as The Economist, Foreign Affairs, Newsweek and Businessweek.

A journalist who has known him for several years as a source highlights his ability as an analyst of economic trends and of national and international affairs. Nonetheless, this seriousness does not interfere with his sense of humor to tell all kinds of jokes.

The jury of the Portafolio Award who chose him as Leader of the year emphasized his professional achievements.

From July 2011, Moreno took over the presidency of Organization Corona, and in October he led the negotiations that resulted in a partnership between Corona and Spanish group Cementos Molins to develop jointly production and commercialization of cement in Colombia. The plan includes building of a plant in Sonsón (Antioquia), with an investment of 370 million dollars. It is expected to start operations by mid-2018, generating 800 jobs during its construction phase and 220 direct jobs and 250 indirect jobs when it is operating.

Other achievements in charge of Corona include promotion of innovation, commissioning of the sanitaryware plant in Brazil and foster progress to strength operations in Central America after the purchase of Incesa.

Likewise, during this year, the company had 6 openings (4 of Almacenes Corona and 2 of Homecenter). Additionally, it has consolidated its exports to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Central America and the Caribbean, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

“His mind never stops, every day he is trying to strengthen the current businesses of the company and look for new ones. He has a never-ending energy,” adds Ana María Delgado.

Currently, in addition to running Corona, Moreno presides over the board of directors of Sodimac and is member of the boards of the Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá, Falabella de Colombia, Andi, Consejo Privado de Competitividad (Private Council of Competitiveness) and Asoenergía.

He manages to accomplish all his tasks during the day because he is an early riser. He is always in his office before seven in the morning, he has lunch fast, he addresses the issues of the day and tries to leave early to do yoga, but without taking time from his wife and three children on their twenties.


Corona recently created in Tolima its third 20-hectare forest. The other two of the same size are located in Boyaca and Antioquia.

They are included in the program of Natural Reserves of the Civil Society, in which private companies use their own lands for conservation of the environment. These forests were an important element for the Environment Protection Portafolio Award. Currently, a group of specialists is carrying-out an inventory of the native species.

Another effort for environmental sustainability has to do with the energy efficiency projects in the 19 production plants that the firm has in the country (it has other seven abroad). In this way, it reduced carbon emissions in more than 6,000 tons of CO2 during 2014 and decreased energy use in 98 terajoules, which equals to the consumption of 14,450 households.

Additionally, in its factories of Sopó (Cundinamarca) and Caldas (Antioquia), it recycled 63% of water. These savings marks that it no longer consumes 1.5 million cubic meters of water from natural sources. The company also carries out a conscious recycling process of its solid wastes.

The jury also considered that 70% of the toilets manufactured by Corona have a high efficiency and are above the standards established in the Colombian regulations. For instance, the Smart toilet consumes only 3.8 liters per discharge, while the maximum allowed is 13 liters. The vice-president of Corporate Affairs, Ana María Delgado, underlines that the group reduced an equivalent of 18,000 tons of greenhouse effect gas emissions between 2011 and 2014. “This commitment with the environment did not start now and is not a fashion trend, we have always had it. This is a heritage from our founders and part of the deep beliefs of our shareholders about the legacy that people who work here must leave to future generations,” stated the Vice-president.

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