Corona acquires controlling interest in the operations of Agromil

October 19 – 2017

Bogota, October 19, 2017. Corona, a Colombian multinational specialized in manufacturing and marketing household, construction, industrial and energy products, through its affiliate Sumicol, acquired 51% of Agromil, a Colombian company dedicated to the production and marketing of mineral-based products for the agroindustry sector, having met the applicable legal requirements.

“Agromil is a leading company in the development of products for the advanced fertilization of crops and in Corona we look forward to put at its disposal our knowledge about nonmetallic minerals in favor of the agroindustry sector”. Said Alexis Bonnett, Vice-president of Corona’s Industrial Supplies and Energy Division.

Since more than one decade ago, Agromil has been producing and marketing mineral-based products for clients of the agroindustry sector which allow them ton achieve higher profitability and productivity levels in their crops and generate jobs within a sustainable environment.

“We are very happy with this alliance and we are convinced that Corona is the best partner to boost the development of the product portfolio that we offer to the agroindustry sector, given its wide experience with nonmetallic minerals, effective innovation management and commercial experience.” Assured Santiago Ramirez, Manager of Agromil.


About Corona. Corona is a Colombian multinational company with over 135 years of business history dedicated to the manufacture and sales of household, construction, industrial and energy products. It is made up by four Business Divisions – Bathrooms and Kitchens; Surfaces, Materials and Paints; Industrial Supplies and Energy Management; and Tableware – and two Commercial Units which are Almacenes Corona and Comercial Corona Colombia. Corona has 19 manufacturing plants in Colombia, 3 in the United States, 3 in Central America, 3 in Mexico and one in Brazil, as well as a global supply office in China and a sales office in Mexico. In an alliance with Cementos Molins of Spain, it is developing through Ecocementos, a new plant for production and sale of cement in Colombia. It generates more than 16,000 jobs and it exports its products to several markets worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Central America, the Caribbean, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

About Agromil. Agromil is a Colombian company incorporated in 2004, dedicated to the agroindustry sector, with presence in more than 12 countries such as Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Belize, Panama, Mexico, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Brazil and Peru, among others, which researches, formulates, develops and markets products for advanced crop fertilization. It generates more than 100 jobs in the different markets it operates in.

Source: CORONA

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