Satus Ager signs a purchase agreement to acquire Tecnoseeds operations in Argentina and Brazil


This Argentine seeds company already had additional operations in Mexico, Chile and Uruguay.

Argentine company Satus Ager signed a sale and purchase agreement for the acquisition of Tecnoseeds in Argentina and Brazil. The entrance to the Brazilian market represents an important step in its regional expansion plans.

Founded in 1996, Satus Ager, headquartered in Buenos Aires and with operations in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay, is the largest supplier of seeds production, processing and exports services in the Southern Hemisphere.

In line with its corporate goal to increase the strategic partnership with its clients at a regional level, Satus Ager, with support from its partners Remington Seeds and Victoria Capital Partners, has recently signed an agreement to purchase Tecnoseeds operations in Argentina and Brazil. Thanks to this transaction, Satus Ager enters the Brazilian market, expanding its regional presence to provide additional seed services.

Satus Ager provides services to the major seeds companies in the world. The acquisition agreement will help streamline the entire service supply process, increasing efficiency and innovation to tailor solutions to each location’s needs, and finally consolidating Satus Ager’s regional leadership.

Remington Seeds is fully supportive of Satus Ager’s expansion activities in the Southern Hemisphere. Remington Seeds along with its regional partners are now able to provide services and systems that deliver solutions for seeds production, processing and distribution for multiple crops across North America, Latin America, Europe and East Europe.

Victoria Capital Partners (“VCP”) is an independent private equity firm. With over 20 years of experience, VCP has invested over US$1,800 million in private companies with growth potential across the main markets in South America.

Martin Jarmoluk, Satus Ager CEO, announced the agreement to acquire Tecnoseeds: “We are very pleased with this agreement. We will continue pursuing our goal to provide high quality services to the seeds industry, honoring our foundational values of transparency, confidentiality and customer support”, he said.

“After merging both companies, we will become one of the largest service providers in the world, and this dimension will allow us to keep supporting our clients in their growth strategies and releasing new products and technologies. In each location where we operate, Satus Ager is focused on operating as a local company, blending into the local culture and market, while keeping our strong commitment to corporate social and environmental responsibility.”, Jarmoluk added.

Satus Ager is synonym with seeds multiplication and leader in exports from Argentina. Prior to the merger, it cultivated over 15,000 hectares in the best agricultural areas of Argentina and Uruguay, operated 3 conditioning plants located in Salto, Arrecifes and Trinidad plus an experimental station in Ines Indart.
It recently initiated operations in field production and plant processing services in Chile and Mexico.

With 200 full time employees and over 3,000 temporary workers, its main activity is providing seeds multiplication and production services, supplying with quality and innovation some of the leading seeds companies in the world.

Having multiplied over 13 million corn seed bags, 7 million soybean seeds bags, 700 thousand sorghum seeds bags, 300 thousand sunflower seeds bags, over 2,000 hectares of pre-commercial production, it has its processes certified under ISO 9001 and ETS (Excellence Through Stewardship).

A pioneer in the outsourcing of seeds production services in Brazil, Tecnoseeds initiated its activities in Brazil in 2012, and started operations in its main plant in Uberlândia (MG) in 2015. Today it is responsible for 20% of the corn seed production in Brazil, supplying high quality services throughout all stages of the production process using state-of-the-art technology. The company has revenues in Brazil of R$250 million per year and has an installed capacity of 600 tons per day. It has two operations, in Ipua (Sao Paulo state) and Uberlandia.

In Argentina, Tecnoseeds has operations in Venado Tuerto and Murphy, province of Santa Fe, and also provides pre-commercial and commercial services, from field production to the finished end-product.



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